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If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, taste and see...then "real" is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

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    • Aayirathil Oruvan

      Looks like these days only movies make me to Blog. Should I blame it on Work or not, I seriously dont know. I find very little time spending time in front of my personal laptop. Even If I do, that's only to catch a 40 minute episode. Going back to Chola Days... First Collective Thought after the movie .. What the Fuck...

      Should we call it the directors Obsession .. Too much of blood, sex and violence and death... Yeah we have witnessed all of these in a number of western films but to a tamil film, Yeah we do have it in quite a few films, but Aariyathil Oruvan takes a leap ahead of all of them and stays on top. That's the first thing anybody will say, when you ask them for the movie review.

      Is the movie enjoyable? That's a question that I am still figuring out to answer. First half of the film was enjoyable Thanks to only Karthi, but for him I think I would have washed the blood from myself when coming out of the theatre. We all afforded ourselves to laugh a bit only due to his presence. Somehow the actor was able to bring smiles to everyone in the hall with his body language and mannerisms.
      There are lots of unanswered questions in the movie that actually makes the film unlikable. Come on, Selva, you can't expect us to understand everything, I am not talking about the History behind the Cholas/Pandiyas, the story in that area is understandable as to why and what for the group searches for their existence. Its the thing revolving around that which is actually confusing.

      Movie starts off well, enough you to make you sit upright in the hall, tells us of a little flashback for 5 minutes and cut to present era. I am not sure why Andrea isn't shown with some good make up. Visibly you see all pimples on her face. Or was it done on purpose that a archaeologist will be bound to have them spending a lot of time under the sun. ---- So the entire crew board a ship to some distant unpronounceable island. Things all go well here. The plot from here till the interval is all fresh to Present day tamil cinema. We have seen things like these in times of "Kanavane
      Kan Kanda Deivam' and around it. Those long expedition to find some magical cure or the heart of Green Parrot etc etc:- But then quite a visual treat. Karthi here kind of steel the shows, You see all of Selvaraghavan usual touch here. You kind of get well into the movie expect for some very very poor CG works. Film even goes at great speed and lands straight into 'Un Mela aasadhan' right when you expect it. After the end of the song, thats when the movie goes haywire.

      Why the heck does Reema, Andrea and Karthi lose their sense, make weird faces, strip and go out of control. That's when the movie goes out of control too. For a period of 10 minutes, you don't know what the heck happened and the whole thought of whether you like the film or not gets into your head. Having heard enough things about R.Parthiban in the movie, you expect him to rock in the second half. But he is a comedy piece in the movie.
      First of all, though Tamil, it was difficult to comprehend what exactly they say, add to it the Gory human faces and the set. The whole treatment makes you Yuck!!! Understood it is fantasy, but then still Reema Sens little flash back somehow doesn't justify. It just didn't attach itself to the story. Well forget to write about the Lord Siva's shadow scene. That was very impressive at least I liked it. Fantasies like these are understandable and it went along with the movie but then I couldn't stand myself to see Reema sen honing a Magicians Hat. Comes Parthiban,real comedy piece in the movie, His body language, way of speech and the King's greasepaint actually humiliates the actor.

      'Thai Thindra Manne' - What a wonderful composition from G V Prakash, but then in the movie though it fits well into the situation, the lead actor and actress saltation makes it worse and makes the song unlikable. Lyrics of 'Thai Thindra Manne' actually talks about the gist of the Chola Kingdom stay in the dark ( per the movie fantasy ) but then with the body language of Parthiban and Reema for the song, actually makes it a mockery. I wish the dialogues rendered at least was like the lyrics of this song, but then it was too core or I don't know what to call it, you sometimes wish you had a subtitle for what they speak. Well what about G V Prakash, by the time you are in the climax of the movie, the BGM becomes a noise which was till then was pleasant and astounding. I just wished wont they mute the BGM and show the war scene at the end of the movie. Malai Neram, for those of you who haven't watched th emovie, don't expect this song in the movie. This Song won't even fit into the trailer of this movie, I wonder why they then even composed this song, I just wish Selvaraghavan uses this song in his coming movies, I am not sure if he will ever take a movie in which Malai Neram Fits.

      Was the film a visual treat? Visuals Yes.. Visuals which are completely new to Tamil Cinema. Treat.. LOL... you can't really call it a treat though. Who has the more weightage in the movie? Before the movie it was rumored that Karthi in the first half and Parthiban in the movie. No, its Reema Sen.Definitely not a family entertainer. I was surprised to see actually a lot of families turn up in the theater. When I say Family, I mean thata,patti, appa, amma, annan akka, kutti pasanga. etc ect. a little crowd of 10. I wonder what would have been their reaction after the movie. What they would be speaking after the movie.

      Enough. I will stop it here. Time is running late.. Remind you, he is the one who was behind PudhuPettai, Yaradi Nee Mohini's Telugu Version and Kadhal Konden. Director has gone leaps and bounds in visualizing this script. He has attempted a film which none of his contemporaries would dare to attempt. Seriously a Himalayan taskbut then What good it is, if it doesn't entertain you and leaves you perplexed.
      Aayirathil Oruvan - Monday, January 18, 2010 -

      2010 Here it comes

      2 Weeks of a relaxed vacation comes to an end, I wonder when will I get another 2 weeks of 'Not to do Anything'. The next vacation that I might get will be that of my marriage vacation. I have no clue of when will that be, but I know that wont be a relaxing vacation. No I don't want to blog about Marriage and stuffs, I will save it later. November 2009, I have a feeling that time flies by faster than the days when I went to school. Even with Quarterly Holidays, Half-yearly and Annual Holidays, plus a bunch of other holidays including those days of heavy rain, I always count for days to get over. I felt nostalgic about school days today when I heard the news today that schools and colleges will be shut down tomorrow because of the heavy rains. BS!!, the government should make it mandatory to shutdown even the private consulting and servicing companies to go down for the day without a compensatory work day the following Saturday. I would rather like to work on a rain Tuesday than the compensatory Saturday.

      I used to count one class by class. Periods after Periods, session by session, staff by staff, Lunch time was the only time of the day in School, we all loved. Everything else was a boring affair. Even after coming home from school, and playing for 2 hours till sun set, I still have a feeling I have another 6 solid hours to goto sleep half of which will go away doing all those mundane home-works. I really felt every day which dragged me from January 1st to December 31st. For all I know, for the first time of my life, before I could realise what has happened, 6 months flew - right after I finished 12th and till September 18th of 2000 when I stepped into college. Those 6 months I really couldn't realise what happened every day, time just zoomed. Days of 'Whatever' attitude, I still couldn't recollect what I did in those days except umpteen number of movies in Devi/Satyam Theaters for which me and my friends used a catch a bus, foot-board on it to the theatre. That's the only recollection that I could think of. I am very much I didn't even spend a single time of which remotely useful to me in anyway, but time which I will cherish throughout, Days of unknown happiness. Days when me, Sathish and Chandru didn't know of the word boredom and a walk to the next bus stop was something which would thrill us to the maximum.

      Even with no vacation throughout the year, even with half weekends of a year to slog at the office, even with a day starting from 8 in the morning and ends at 12 in the night ( @ Office Premises ) ,those days of boring mundane activities and those days where you wish nobody calls you and all you like to do is lay on the bed and watch some boring movie, eat and sleep, its like
      WHAT 2006
      Before you finish uttering the previous years completion astonishment

      I thought yesterday was Jan 1 2005

      and Before I could write and post this blog..

      There it comes 2010. I see no light at the end of this ever lasting tunnel.

      I read the above 10 lines to see that I ended up writing something which is totally irrelevant to what I actually wanted to, which is to write about how I enjoyed my 2 week vacation.
      2010 Here it comes - Thursday, November 12, 2009 -

      Once upon a time in Nazi occupied France...

      If I am going to start this blog by saying ' After a long hiatus, I am back to blogging' its going to sound cliched.

      Lr.Aldo Raine : You know somethin', Utivich? I think this might just be my masterpiece.

      Not sure whether QT wanted this piece of dialogue to say for himself or Lr.Aldo Raine Swastika carving at the end of the movie. Yes that's what the Basterds do ( I will go with Tarantino way of spelling it ). They carve a Nazi Swastika to the last survivors to spread the word about the Inglourious Basterds. This is the modus operandi which they conceive and enter into France territory. This is one part of the screenplay. The other part shift focus to the revenge of a surviving girl whose families gets killed by Landa - The Jew Hunter. I will leave the plot here for the rest of you to watch it at the theatres. Initially I kind of doubted whether I would be able to follow the film given the nature of QTs film and above all the film set in the world war 2 era. One thing that I never understood and never cared to understand is the WW2, all those Nazis, France, German, Hitler, Third Reich Terminologies always confuse me. Hence I was pondering whether the film would have a complicating plot nothing like that, its a neat and solid story, never boring at any instant.

      After the successful Mokka from Aadhavan, Peraanamai and Kanden Kaadhlai, ( dont believe those reviews from those leading cinema dailies ), Iam gonna hunt and shoot those Reviewers and carve something onto their head. Inglourious Basterds was the perfect Saturday Night that happened to us after those unsuccessful attempts to watch a nice movie at the theatre. Soundtrack of the movie was excellent and its plays as yet another character in the movie especially the silence, somehow only QT brings the suspense and edge of the seat experience with this mute attempt. It seriously adds up tension and interest towards the film.

      The worst thing that is to happen towards the end of the movie is to pay Rs60 towards parking. Inox Complex should seriously reconsider this parking fee for people who come to watch the movie and not club it with the parking fee of the people who come for shopping, somehow they should differentiate between the two sect of people.

      http://blog.livemint.com/ - nice way to kill time, some nice reads are available here

      I really wish I can blog atleast once a week, something or another always comes up and also with rotating shift patterns at office and other engagements, I forgot that I sometimes used to blog. I am calling it a day today..actually its almost Sunday morning. Gotta get up early for Ramaks Marriage :) ...

      Once upon a time in Nazi occupied France... - Saturday, November 07, 2009 -

      Excuse me, Mr.Kanthaswamy

      After a long hiatus from blogging for various reasons , I badly wanted to write about my brief stint in US and the feel back home after returning from the place. But due to time and stuffs, I couldn't spend some time writing what I really felt. Today I went to Kandasamy and l couldn't help myself talking about the movie.

      Was the wait really Worth ? I really hate to say NO but then looks like that's the case. Nothing in the film actually impressed me, we have seen all these stories from Gentlemen. After you watch films like Kandaswamy, you really get to know the intelligence behind people like A R and RahmanShankar. Director Shankar, though number of his films is based on a social cause, his later films like Anniyan and Sivaji, I say was very gripping, the comedy element in Anniyan and Sivaji, made people really laugh, thanks to Vivek. The story line though predictable, didn't bore us for 180 minutes+ and above all Climax was mind blowling and song picturisation and composition -I am lost for words to describe them, they were simply terrific.

      Kandaswamy cleared miss all of them.

      +'s in Kandaswamy

      Shreya - 20 Lakhsam vangitu 200 Laksham nadichiruka sorry kamichiruka. She easily fits into all those skimpy dresses, suits her perfectly. But podhum, ATMla edupa aata aramichava, nirutha matengara... coz towards the end of the movie, even watching Shreya did takes you an effort.

      Excuse me Mr.Kandaswamy and En oooru Meenakumari Song

      Vikram - Nothing really to talk about his Great Actor in this movie. This movie would have been a cakewalk for him. No scope for him to enact really. He just comes and goes and his presence just fills it up. That's all, but to imagine another actor here, I say it would have been really irritating.

      Visuals- cant really say it as a plus, everything was shown very rich, but then it didn't look pleasing to me. The kadupu is those yellow/red/green tints given for certain sequences. I don't know if that is really necessary.

      Those are the only positive things that I can think of.


      Background Score or is it Background Noise. That's why I mentioned earlier, you will get to know the intelligence behind Rahman. Songs does start off well, but then come the first paragraph of the song, you wish you can go for a dum outside. Like Vivek says, ponnunga kooda eppo ellampatu vandha dum adika poranga :)

      Susi Ganesan - LOL, please don't ask him to do any cameo roles. By the time he comes in the movie, you feel like tearing the screen apart.

      Don't know why Vikram's different get up was stressed while the making of the movie. All those characters comes for hardly for 5 minutes and didn't really make any impact whatsoever.

      Vadiivelu - It was really pity to watch the actor not bring any smiles to the audiences. ( Overnight Obama was the only dialogue that he uttered made me smile a bit )

      and ofCourse the storyline, though the message intented to convey was commendable, the screenplay doesn't make an impact.

      3 hours and 20 Minutes, I say cut down by a hour and still I doubt will be any more better :( .

      somehow, somethings in the movie, makes you sit and watch continuously, but nothing overall impresses anything. After you step out of the theatre, you keep humming En ooooruMeenakumari tune and nothing else really stays on the mind.

      So Mr.Kanthaswamy, please Excuse Us :)

      Excuse me, Mr.Kanthaswamy - Saturday, August 22, 2009 -

      Adhu Oru Kaalam...

      After a long hiatus, I am back. Its been more than 2 months since I blogged some crap. Couldn't blame it entirely on work, laziness,preoccupation, Winter, snow ;) etc etc sometimes its nice to take a break in everything that you do. Feels good.

      December 1st 2008 - eagerly waiting for January 1st 2009, counting my days for the year to end... Yet another year passes by... I had lots to write for the year 2007, as the new year was coming around the corner, the thought process started, I looked at that post and wondered did I follow it up with where I left the previous year. 100 watts bulb glowed brightly above my head. 2007, I thought kept me really busy and preoccupied with a number of thoughts, I have to accustom myself through a number of changes. Compared to that 2008 was one of themokkaist of all the years especially career wise, it was a full year of dull, not so challenging, lazy times at office.

      Looking back at some snippets from that post --

      //Years passed by, now I have 2 guitars with me, though I don't know to play them both :D,// Though I struggled myself to play few songs, Nothing I could be proud of :(
      I went and bought a book and now it is loaded with sketches :D// - oh yeah, it was : (
      Hear it everybody, you all Read it correct. Its gone. // - What I am talking about, my headache... I should say i had few headaches, but considering the number of hours I am sleeping every day, I am quite happy to say the so called headachedidnt haunt me much, touch wood
      Trying to mature myself as an investor. // - LOL.. I didn't invest in 2008 at all not a single penny
      It all started with me wanting to finish the IMDB top 250 list,/ - Oh yeah... I am well ahead in the race
      I haven't stopped till date --- clicking.// - I lost interest in taking and getting photos
      2008- the entire year under Uncle Sams guardianship, Hmmm what to say.. traveled to a number of places, met friends, kind of got lucky to have half of my gang here, ending up making trips to each ones residence was the biggest fun.

      apart from all of these, some of the things worthwhile mentioning is I tried to read a lot of things, gave an big attempt to burn lots of fat and calories, i tried to lose weight but it always finds me, in the process, I lost weight in all parts of my body except my tummy, literally did nothing in office yet was busy ;) , fist time experience with snow - all I say is I had enough of it in just 6 months, wonder how people live here for a life time, things which have been quit are being given a second chance to quit themselves,gave a 'Fuck it all' attitude towards everything.

      What else,
      With every passing day, you have thought me this is life and life goes on....( this one from yours Arch, how can I forget you :P )

      December 31st 2008 - New years eve, where I was.. We were struggling hard to meet our friends before the clock striked 12. Some of us celebrated New Year in my so called kaarakatakaaran Vandi :), but we made it to January 1st 2009 at Galena nick of time, what would have happened that night is well understood.

      so that 2008 for me, and 35 days in 2009 , nothing so great yet :P , and another Valentines Days will go as yet another Saturday in my life :(

      coming to Slumdog Millionaire.. dai Oscar/Golden Globe committees,,, neenga ellam Roja, Thiruda Thiruda, RDB, Lagaan, Dilli 6, Swades, Taal, ALaipayuthey,hayo evalo eruku.. edhu ellam ketu erukingalada... Adei.. Slumdog Millionaire is very mediocare in Rahmans Standards... adhu ellam keta neenga past 16 years "Oscars best composers" need to be rewritten.. But anyway its a start and road laid ahead for many to come.

      // Along the way you bump into people who make a dent on your life. Some people get struck by lightning. Some are born to sit by a river. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim the English Channel. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people can dance. // - A quote from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button..

      WOW I just loved this movie a lot. When I was watching this movie, I wanted to write a lot about this movie, in fact I was kind of thinking of blogging about the movie while I was in the mid of it. So many things struck me, so many things to relate upon, interesting snippets from the movie, but its been more than a month since I watched it, now all I remember is I loved the movie and nothing else. All those things that I actually wanted to write, couldn't remember a bit. Its worth seeing this movie, though very long, close to 3 hours, that can make you sleep in between, nevertheless its a wonderful movie.
      Adhu Oru Kaalam... - Sunday, February 08, 2009 -


      Digged up all my saved unpublised blogs write up to continue so that I can post something, looks like creativity is in its low, highly. After wasting some pristine time :P decided to write one new anyway.

      Read this article http://viskrish.blogspot.com/2008/11/economic-fallout.html it explains in clear and simple terms of the recent economic fall out.

      The Films in the recent times - Enemy of the state - this is Eagle Eye's better version although the story being different, they both fall under the same genre.

      @Ramak, I remember you adding a song from a telugu movie, think its Godavari,not pretty sure though, its a female solo version some carnatic style. wats that song , do you remember.

      Past 2 days I went to bed only at 4 and woke up at 12. What a pleasure it is . its been real long time since I got past beyond 3 to stay awake.

      Is the telugu Movie Stalin starring Chiranjeevi, is it really worth watching ?

      Happy Days...Tamana and kamalini.. how did i miss them ;) , is there any other good telugu movies that I missed.

      after watching several home made short length desi movies,i decided its high time I should try a stint at it sometime to test my directional skills :P

      2008 is getting ready for its farewell. One of the dumbest years of my life. The credit goes to life in US of A.

      Long time I wanted to spend less time in Orkut. For the past 6 months I was very highly successful. not more than 3 scraps for a conversation. logged in orkut only to reply to my scraps, wish birthdays, occasional album uploads :)

      Jodi No 1. wish they dont repeat the couples in their next season.

      Losing my interest in movies. Documentaries are getting substituted in its place. check out this site www.sprword.com , its a neat way to kill time usefully

      Stringent Browsing rules in office leads to less time being online. Miss my online buddies ;)

      Ramblings - Monday, November 24, 2008 -

      Bond 22

      Starting a film with a car chase or sleek action sequences is becoming a fashionable style these days... and Quantum of Solace ( QoS )is no exception to it and the shot is so swift/disordered that if you blink your eyes for a second, you are lost as to what goes where and who is who.

      Never Have I watched a Mid Night show in theatres, QoS is the first movie, the show started at around 12 30 Am in the morning and whats more exciting was the trailer of Angels & Demons. But then again the movie Da Vinci Code stood a long way from its book version. Hope Angels & Demons is better than its previous version.

      QoS starts from where Casion Royale was left...and the action doesnt stop till the end. 1 hour and 45 minutes of action packed chases in land, water, air... Critical Reviews in the net say Casino Royale was better than it's sequel,somehow I ended up liking both. Of course there is the question of Bond Stuffs missing in the movie,personally this was more of a Bond movie the way it used to be in the book version long back. Without gadgets and a vulnerable bond,well they say there is the bourne series and others for these types of films. However the film does stands good when compared with them, the question of whether it has a bong tag, who cares, I asked for action and it gave me plenty of them that wasn't tiresome unlike Eagle Eye/Wanted in the recent past where the action sequences kind of get you bored after some point in the movie.

      The movie Casino Royale ends with Bond shooting Mr.White in his leg and introducing himself as 'Bond, James Bond, I thought even QoS is gonna end like the because that notable dialogue didn't come throughout the movie and in the end it was a disappointment. Not sure whether they deliberately wanted to do that.Also the stylish James Bond theme also doesn't appear once during the movie, only during the end credits the theme is played in the background and also Bond does woo the Bond Girl but not unlike what it is in the other Bond Movies ( Simpleaa sollanuma matter scene ellam ethuvum ella ) and Yeah no big gadgets stuff as well.

      Number of reviews says QoS is bad and doesn't live up to expectations, I don't go along with it. I liked the movie and enjoyed it thoroughly. May be its not like a Pierce Brosnan's Bond Movie, but its definitely a Daniel Craig's Bond Movie. The movie is definitely not a waste of time.

      Why I didnt blog for a long time-- kanna pinna busy :P

      Bond 22 - Friday, November 14, 2008 -

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