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  You wake up at Seatac, SFO, LAX. You wake up at O'Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth, BWI. Pacific, mountain, central. Lose an hour, gain an hour. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. You wake up at Air Harbor International. If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person? We're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.  


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    • First Sight :D

      Year 2000, somewhere in mid July, time of the day evening @ around 7 PM. My friend and I were roaming in a cycles, he was riding and I was happily sitting in the front bar.

      Flash Back : Few Years, there was this girl, tall, lean and fair wearing a specs , I always have sight adichified that girl for a long time. She was my first sight. Padips though I think, I used to play every evening @ my terrace and she lives some 4 blocks away from my house and I always find her studying some thing or the other in her terrace. Lot many times I have tried to get her attention by doing something or the other but she never cared to even see where the sound came from. This happened for years: D. all of a sudden she vanished, I forgot too.

      Back to Paragraph 1 : I saw the same girl again on road that day, more taller, more leaner, more fair but less beautiful than she was earlier. . During my school days I don’t know why I wasn’t always interested in sight seeing girls (of course the trend changed later on) , my friends used to ask me “ unnaku entha ponnume pidikatha “ , I tell them I liked my next terrace girl da and they ask me who is that very often for which I always wont have an answer. . And then I told my driver of the cycle “ machi this is the girl that I told, she was driving in a scooty , avlo than namma driver started pedaling like Armstrong , following her in high speed, Zrrrrrrrrrrrrr, cycle chain got loose, he was more irritated than me, I started looking into the cycle chain the guy said machi I will come back he started running after the scooty, I thought “ ennada paiyan namakku mela vegama eruken, oru vella evan pick up panna aasa padrano” . I somehow corrected the cycle chain and not knowing in which direction to go , I waited in the same place. 45 minutes went by and at last I saw my friend walking towards me. He said “ machi vida kandu pidichiten “ I asked “ dai ennada panna” , I ran after her came the reply, I said “ eppo ethu rumba mukkiyam” , “macha neeye athisiyama oru ponna pathu eva than nan sight adicha ponnunu solli eruke, viduvena. Athan follow panni vida kandu pidichen” PS: he ran after the scooty.

      Ok then he said lets go to her house, and then took me and I saw the house, I saw her scooty number but I couldn’t get a glimpse of her and then we retuned back. I asked my friend “macha eppo ennada panrathu” . Pappom eppo thane vida kandu pidichi erukom, first step over, we will see the rest later.

      But then I never went to that house again and also never saw her again. But the scooty number has been my part of all my passwords till date which also happens to my birthdate. Now you all don’t try to break into my credentials with my birthdate, it won’t work coz I have complicated the number with some alphabets.

      First Sight :D - Monday, October 29, 2007 -


      AchaChoo.. What a Movie. Pechu Muche Kannum after seeing this movie. Guys and Girls stop watching all ManiRatnam and Shankars Movies. Welcome to the world of Mokkai Movies…
      My friend hooked me on to these mokkai movies and now I can’t wait watching the rest of the lot. Before going to the movies, qualities that qualify a mokkai movie,

      First, you tell the movie name to anybody, they should raise their eyebrows, yes you are through then.

      Next, it should not have been released in any of the main stream theatres, only outside city limits and that too it runs not more than 3 days,

      Next, the movie is in such a way that even Sun Tv or Vijay Tv will not hire the movies.

      Mega Dramas will be much better than these movies. Next the main pair, the hero and heroine, forget about them. No Comments. But please pay attention to hero’s friends, nattama, pichai karan, you will have a great time.

      Best thing about these movies, you can put them on, do your other activities, you need not pay attention to any of those scenes.

      Apart from all these, the name of the movie identifies that it is a mokka movie.

      Songs, Achachao …Leave it.

      Now coming to AchaChoo…
      Dai enna conceptra padathula… Thought mokka padam doesn’t a story, this one has, what happens to a village if there are no women’s, what will all the men do, to whom they will married to…. Achachao ( Oh No ) ... That’s the central theme of the movie.

      Etha suthi than namma katha move aaguthu….. First Scene, 1 girl, 23 men, 23 men will be fighting to marry a single women,the village nattma arranges for a competition and whosoever wins the same will get to marry the girl … sama comedy... the competition intensifies at last it will drill down to 2 men in the end and they will have a running race among them.

      When they to touch the end line of the race, those two men will talk to each other “Mama, ennaku entha ponna vitu koduthudu, entha vayasuku mela ennala odi jesika mudiyathu, ennaku free ya vitu koduthudu macha”.. .the point is that’s the only girl who is in a major to get married, and as per the village rules, no men should marry another girl of outside village, so they all will fight for the only girl who is a major. Gotcha.. eppadi than namma katha aramikithu…

      Commotion in the village as what will all mens do for their marriage, so the village nattama arranges for a census of minor and major girls and boys and they arrange a board meeting as how to get all the men married. Eppadi namma story gummunu poguthu…

      Ethuku mela I don’t want to reveal the rest of the movie. Enjoying seeing at your own will

      P S : I tried to put a snap/pic of the movie in the blog, Achachao, I couldn’t get the pic at all, now that’s another characteristic of a mokka movie, if you search for the movie name in google images, it shouldn’t get you one :D

      Achachao.... - Saturday, October 27, 2007 -

      Govinda Govinda...

      Work: What the heck. Wrong Question at a wrong point of time. It’s Midnight here and I am in night shift stuck with a problem unknown to be solved. Do you still want to know what my philosophy of work is? Censored.
      Play: All work and no Play makes Jack a Dull Boy. Family: They will stand with you when the rest of the world lets you down.

      Love: Never Ending Calls, Good Nights, Good Morning, weekend sprees, money, SMS, Fantasy, Fights, Konjals, I love Yousss, cards, gifts, outing, long drives, temple visiting - Ellam Maye
      drugs : Gatham Gatham
      Cinema : Fantasy world where I started realizing myself so much :-P
      Health: Operation Palani Padikattu is in progress ( for those who don’t know what Operation Palani Padikattu is, drop me an email )
      Money : Operation 1C is in progress ( as above for those who don’t know what Operation 1C is, drop me an email, I will be more than happy to explain them )

      Well, these were the tags which Ramak gave me actually , let me add something more.

      Friends: My World.

      Dreams: Keeps You Alive.

      Onsite: Independency in Distress, you have to cook, wash, drive, work, apply this apply that, formalities, lots of money of course, but still EOD, I say back Home is the best.

      Boys: Simple

      Girls: Tricky one, I don’t want to answer this ;)

      Internet: Come Onsite, without Internet You are Dead Man Walking.

      Marriage: Update this one after getting married. As of now, this is a Fear Factor for me.

      Jagan: Ha Ha, that’s for you to tell.

      I got to finish the work that I was assigned so I am ending this post as such. Will return later.
      Govinda Govinda... - Sunday, October 21, 2007 -

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