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  You wake up at Seatac, SFO, LAX. You wake up at O'Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth, BWI. Pacific, mountain, central. Lose an hour, gain an hour. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. You wake up at Air Harbor International. If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person? We're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.  


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    • Jagan 25 :)

      28th August - It was yet another day in the warrior's life ;)

      Jagan 25 :) - Wednesday, August 27, 2008 -

      I've Become so Numb....

      Never Before Experience is what I call Godly. That's how It was. If the experience was Godly, then it must have heaven I believe so. That's How we all felt...Every single cell in mine reverberated today., recharged, pumped up in high energy, What I am talking about. I am just back from a Linkin Park Concert. I have always wanted to attend a musical concert I never had the chance though till yesterday. The first one proved to a e=mc^2 experience. It was a Rock Festival with several bands performing, I knew only one of them, I waited for LP to arrive and Rock and they did and were beyond expectations. Add to it, the Kaleidoscope light effects, Mind Blowing is an understatement for the ecstasy that I had. For some 3 hours, there was nothing but music which was in my mind. Completely drifted away, I felt like 'Blow the outside world'. Arena was jam packed. I wonder how they sing, for singing along them in a single night, my throat has gone bonkers and will take 2-3 days to come to its complacent state. Thanks to me, before going to the concert I did go through the lyrics of the songs if not then I would have been only shouting and that would have been a big bore :P . Sad thing I didn't have any camera with me nevertheless they didn't allow any cameras inside. For the first time I realized that my cell phone camera is of no use in dark. Night Mode was pathetic. Btw Bought a cool Linkin Park T-shirt. It simly rocks. One other Group that captured everybody's attention is Chris Cornell. He rocked as well. In fact LP and they did some duo music. It's more than fun to be in a crowd more than 40000 and listen to Rock Music. The next thing that I want to go is to a A R Rahman Concert ( Ganesh, sorry machi, cant helpt it u see )

      Check out the video. The atmosphere was the same and this song was the final song of the show and it simply rocked.


      I've Become so Numb.... - Sunday, August 17, 2008 -

      Tagged ...

      It Tag's time... Its been days since I did this.. .

      Tagged from
      I am : Nothing
      I think : therefore I am dangerous ( where have I read this. i am not sure )
      I know : I will be sleeping again late today
      I want : Food now
      I have : lots to do now
      I wish : somebody lets me sleep on the desk right now.
      I HATE : noboby is letting me sleep
      I miss : a girl friend
      I fear : a girl friend
      I feel : sleepy
      I hear : Moron Tech Discussions in the next pod
      I smell : of Japanese Lunch
      I crave : fpr Indian Lunch
      I search : Vijayalakshmi ( Chennai 28 heroine, damn she is getting beautiful day by day )
      I wonder : when wil i return home
      I regret : for not sleeping yesterday
      I ache : Shoulder Still hurts
      I cry : Tell me why Why must I
      I’m not : what I am ( Wow,ketavan tag line :P )
      I believe : in Nothing
      I dance : when I rock :P
      I sing : most of the times. companions ask "did you speak something ?" ( Ramak Sututen machi. )
      I don’t always : Fight
      I fight : for nothing
      I write : to kill time
      I win : Some , I lose : Some
      I never : say No
      I always : dream
      I confuse : others
      I listen : even when somebody talks foolish. ( again sututen machi )
      I can usually be found : (in) active
      I’m scared : of what I miss and Fear :P
      I need : Nothing.
      I imagine : myself as a successful film director. .. LOL .. machi Ramak edhuvum nalla than eruku I am happy about : Everything

      . I want to put nothing for all of the above... I am nothing, i know nothing, i want nothing, i wish nothing... etc etc except for the last one..

      I think there is only Ajay and Archana to pick up this tag now nevertheless whoever reads this is open to pick this up and do drop me a note if so


      Tagged ... - Friday, August 15, 2008 -

      Mulumaathy Avalathu Mugaam

      9 45 PM Kabaleeshwar Temple - Oru Glass Paal Kodupanga.. I have never tasted Milk So sweet anywhere else. Not sure whether they put vellam or what.. But Hot and Sweet . Damn Good. How I miss it ?

      This post is the result of 2 buggers who recently fell in love and bugging others. Grrrrrrrrr. ... avan avan collegela kasta patu ,4 peru rootu vita pigureaa, kasta patu daily 3 mani nerarm kadala potu, sms anupi, email anupi, weekend velila kootitu poi, card koduthu, thitu vangi, ooruku pora vara po koodave poi,Good Morning till Good Night solli, adi vangi , bus stand/railway station wait panni, friendaa loveaa theriyama kolambi...all this in the midst of college, studies and higher studies, CAT, GRE /GMAT and placements... etc etc ulaga maaga kasta patu oru ponna correct panna .. assault vitla pakara ponna love pannitu.. Machi fall in love machi, its divineuu dialogue adikaaran.. Aaandava.. Are you all ears ????

      She stood there, leaning against the Banyan tree, that was the first time he saw her,the voice, expressive style, panache, the flair accommodated her well, or rather that was what he thought, some agreed, some denied.But he was firm. He know it ,if the relationship blossoms it will turn out to be a life time experience - good, bad or ugly he wasn't aware and neither cared to know.

      2 Sun rises and sets went by, an unread mail was waiting to be opened, marked as read, he fell for her, right at that day itself, The snippet of the mail reverberated in him for sometime " hey that reminds me.... i wanted to say ur smile is nice.i always like people who keep smiling and that's the reason i like ..... " He read it once, twice, read it again and again. He was completely unsure of what to be replied. He just replied back with his contact number :)

      Email Subjects changed from Hi, hey , How are you to Hi daaaaaaaaaaa, sorrryyyyy, why no calls???
      Email Stories, day to day happenings, mokka kadala, neighbour problems, cinema coffee kaaram, like wat they say everything under the sun, they left no stones unturned to talk anything under the sky.

      One day another email snippet was waiting to knock him down "been wanting to tell u so many things but plz doont ever think i'm being formal. thanx a lot for everthing u do.i've been njoying ur company in every second i spend with u. luv u lots". Their's story was no different from the rest of the others, it was nothing new, but it was fresh and elegant.

      It looked like a turn around from a Hello to Occasional Help to regular friendship to what if the other person might think wrong to why not take a chance to a lovely relationship.

      I am too bored to write after this,its been more than 10 days since I posted a blog, let me stop here, this will be continued though...but it holds no resemblance to any person living, may be Dead. Like they say, " Based on a Real Life Event " a very loose statement that is,major portion of it will be only fictional. Hence this can also be said inspired from a true story.

      Btw, this post is entirely dedicated to this song " Mulumathy Avalathu Mugam" from Jodha Akbar. I am totally in love with this song....

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      Mulumaathy Avalathu Mugaam - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 -

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