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  You wake up at Seatac, SFO, LAX. You wake up at O'Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth, BWI. Pacific, mountain, central. Lose an hour, gain an hour. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. You wake up at Air Harbor International. If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person? We're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.  


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    • Bed Sheetaa koodu please

      It was all of those days again, a typical bored day, I was cornered n my room much eased inside a comforter, not thinking of what next to do. I was accompanied by my friend who is very much in a better position of what I am in. At least I was changing the wallpaper of my laptop and short listing which one looks better in sync with the task bar color and my laptop color, that fellow kept starring the desktop, then the fan above, then the system, then the window beside, the system again, the bulb above, no not the bulb on/for him but above him, then he started staring into my system, I got bugged, said look into urs :P. poor fellow got upset, Oru Nassar- Kamal looks exchanged between us.
      Then the incident happened. U know..


      He Scrapped ::machi !! anhda bedsheet-a kudu !! ..

      I was like :O ... oru matter Sirku Kovamam... vaiyila keka mataram... ennonu.. I thought inside this is heights. Then I thought namake ethu overa erukuna, what will people think who look at this scrap coz everybody knows he is my roomie..
      I turned gave him a stare, he smiled, I got the meaning. And then you must have known what would have happened...

      I replied him “ appo nee ennaku antha pillow koodu”.. avalo than racing started, that night we went around like 200 scraps in each one scrapbook . I thought I shall pen down each dialogue... explaining the full conversation... I started to write this blog coz I was going through the same boredom as in first paragraph but it is more boring to write this blog ...

      the screen shot still follows....

      admidst all this one of our friends found out what we were doing nevertheless we continued ignorin him...

      i have skipped certain scrapbooks coz athu ellam ennake romba overa erunthathu... :P


      thats where we were that day .. :P scrapping next to each other.


      Bed Sheetaa koodu please - Saturday, November 24, 2007 -

      O m Shanti O m

      Call it coincidence. Including this my last three posts has something or other to do with Shah Rukh Khan. First time it was Swades , the next Don and now it is OM SHANTI OM.
      Ha Ha .. lol.. I can imaging how one of my friend is going to call " ennada macha eppadi setu paiyan mathiri ore hindi pada postaa erukunu". ;)
      So this post will not be a longer one :P

      But I was truly impressed with the movie. Had I watched the movie in chennai, without subtitles, it would have been yet another hindi movie for me. But here I watched the movie with subtitles and got an opportunity to understand the true essence of the movie. The climax opera kind of song was awesome and that's what made me like the entire movie.

      Ethuka mela eluthuna paiyan overa kathuvan :D and also ( Deepika Padukone ) was sema gorgeous.

      O m Shanti O m - Thursday, November 22, 2007 -


      There are some deeds where profit or loss doesn’t really matters. They just have to be done. ~ Don

      I had this ring tone, it will sound like “Knock Knock... Yes. Who is this…? DON”. It sounded really cool.. And u get the feel as though you are really DON when u pick the call and speak. It was a nice feel say: P.. Whenever the calls come, people say aramichitanda.. Ha Ha.. It’s nice to give them a smile and pick the call and say “Jagan Here”… and then you walk away from them to have the conversation. WOW what a scene: P. (I know what you are thinking, as usual, a smile :D at you and I am going to continue writing)

      Would really like to meet real life so called DONs and see how their life style would be. Appadi Nennga ennathanda pannuvinga….

      It all started with this. Goes back three decades..

      I understand. You found paradise in America. You had a good trade, made a good living, the police protected you and there were courts of law and you didn't need a friend like me. But, now you come to me and you say "Don Corleone, give me justice." But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me Godfather. Instead, you come into my home on the day my daughter's to be married and you ask me to do murder for money.”

      If history has taught me anything, it's that you can kill anybody".

      A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man ( i like this )

      Then it grew more Stronger…
      Michael Corleone: There are many things my father taught me here in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

      Appadiye Kadal Kadanthu vantha…namma oorr pakathula

      Nalla Nanban Ellai Endrail,. Engu Ponnalum Vida Maten…My Name is Billa..Valkai Ellam …. ”..

      appadiye konjam northanda…\

      Nirutharen……,aana avalanga nirutha sollu, …. Nan nirutharen…. Avana nirutha sollu, nan nirutharen…. Nalu Peru Sapada Uthavaumna ethuvume thapu ella

      Kaalam Kadantha Pinnum..

      “….. Ethu Surya Sir, Urasathingaaaa……..” – Thalapathy … Enna Thalapathy Oru Vatti Sonna 100 Vatti Sonna Mathiri…

      Namma Illaya Thalapathy Enna Solraruna….

      Oru Vatti Muduvi Pannitenna En Peche Nane Keka Matan” – But Nan Pala Vatti sonnalaum Evan Pechaiyume Kekarathu Ella :P

      Latest Off Beatu machiiiiii . – “Saritharathla Oru Nimisham Parunga. Namma Valaranum Na Yara Vena Ethana Vattivennum Kollalam “ – Billa 2007. this one goes back to square one.

      Nadula Gapla Pala Kutti Donnuga Vanthanga Ponnanga.

      “Don’t worry, sweetheart.
      Now the reins of Asia's
      underworId is in my hands!
      I am the king!
      As for catching me...
      AIways remember this!
      Not onIy is it difficuIt to catch Don....” As delivered in DON.

      So Nan Enna Solrena .. Saritharathula (History )Namma Peru Varanumna.. firstu ‘Saritha’va correct pannanum. Approm Sariya Correct pannanum.. Sariya Thappanu Keta ..Kekatiyum .. ava sister Sangeethava correct pannanum… approm geetha.. eppadi correct pannikitu poite erundha…...

      Saritharam Enna Solluthuna. Atha Oru Nimisham Parunga.. Namma Correct pannanum Na……

      ( Cha Olunga Varala..konjam Mokkai ayidichi … Ennaku Yosika bore adikuthu )

      >>>>Coming to DON>>>>

      It’s not an exact replica of the Amitabh’s Don; there are some surprises in the movie. Looks like I am watching all films which have been wait listed for a long time after reaching this place. Let’s see how Bill 2007 turns. I am pretty sure Bill 2007 is going to be the remake of Don 2006 and not the old Don as that of Amitabhs/RajiniKanth. The trailer of Billa 2007 looks like Don 2006 with the same greenish tint, set in Malayasia and the same humming like Don….

      And last, there are some posts, it being good or bad doesn’t matter, you are forced to read. As usual I will forcing every one out there to read this be it good or bad: P ( Ellam DON patha effect than )

      There goes the snippet from the movie...

      ~~Don~~ - Friday, November 09, 2007 -

      No Not me...

      No, Not me, I don’t like to be tagged as a Desi, I rather be called as an Indian or a Tamilan.

      This entire Desi tag thing started after I watched three so called Desi Films. Flavors, Quarter Life Crisis and American Chai. Thanga Mudila. I never cared to watch these Desi movies or the so called Indian made English films. But then don’t know after landing here in US, wanted to have a look at these films and see what they tried to convey around.

      Total Pethal, please friends don’t get carried away by the culture that is shown in these films. This is what not what you see in reality.. Chumma I got bored, again and again in all films I saw, how to woo women, how to date, how girls behave, what’s their mentality… Hayo Mudila.. Can’t they think of any other concept to revolve around. There are more things in life. And if people start trying out the ideas told in the films, serupu adi than minjum… Yappa Evalo ideas, but one thing may be the life portrayed in the films might be possible in a US college life, anyway I am not pretty sure of that since I didn’t do my post graduation here and neither planning to do in US or rather neither planning to do Post Graduation at all ( Oh no, Jagan a year back all ur posts were related to CAT, Gmat, EPPO enga pochu, Vayasu adichi mamu ). Valkai Payanam Padikalamnu eruken. :D

      In all the above desi films the common thread is relation ship between a boy and a girl, parent mentality of United States, Bench concept in IT ( wow , I like that), dating, living together, indian community parties etc etc:- but one thing either no sense or non sense these movies are kinda good to kill time.

      But out of the three, best is Flavors, want to kill time for 2 hours, definitely Flavors fit the bill. I would advise people coming to US, to choose a city and not get stuck in a place like what I am. This place is like erode or salem more greener wider and cleaner. I haven’t seen a building not more than 2 storey’s. I dreamed of fast cars, big building, well lighted streets in the night, but the place I am right now is ejactly the opposite. Then one thing why the heck everything is cold out here. Ask whatever by default it will cold, cold coffee, ice lemon tea, green tea etc:-, everything served very cold. As such the places go to single digit temperatures, but still these fellows drink everything cold. Nammala Mudila… everybody ask me, “machi whats hot there” , reply goes like” Dai enga ellame cold thanda nothing hot” :D

      Aana onnu ,after coming here, I never touched cold water, only Hot water bath, even for hand washing and gargling too only Hot water, pongada neenagallum unga cold conceptum…

      Traffic – LOL.. it’s a big joke here. If people get caught in 3-4 continuous signals then it’s a bad day for them and it’s a big traffic for them. Namma ooru OMR la evangala drive panna sollanum.. Appo theriyum real trafficna ennane.. Yarukita..
      But I haven’t seen anybody using horns till date. WOW.

      One thing which I like here is any stranger on road if they see you they will definitely greet you “ Hi, How are you doing “ initially I was confused, I would standing on road, a stranger comes and ask “hi, how are you doing”, I will be about to reply him but then he crosses me and goes, I was puzzled then another lady came and she too did the same “Hi , how are you doing”, I replied “doing good” and then she went away, and then another person came, same thing again and then he too went away.
      I will be about to tell something but then they will go away.

      //Dai enga vaada enkita oru kelvi kittila, olunga pathil ketutu po.

      Then I realized after some point of time that, we have to reply him back again with the same “hi, how are you doing” ..uuusshhh… Funny world.

      Swades..Right Film at a wrong point of time, seems like Fate wanted me to watch this film after I leave my mother land. As such I missed home and after watching the movie, I felt more. This has been in my wait list for a long time. I don’t know some how the opportunity to watch this film prolonged. And at last gotcha. Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera
      , I have been glued to this song from the day I watched this; Rahman at one of his best. Those flashes of images which pass by shah rukh memories really brought back home in front of eyes.; everyday I don’t know I see that video. I felt Dekho Na, the hindi version of baba kichu kichu was awesome. . Definitely a film to be watched.

      The most funniest thing that is happening is for me here is the kind of shifts that I am put in office. I juggle between shifts, 2 days night shift, holiday again then afternoon shift, evening shifts, again holiday, then day and the process continues differently in the next week. So enga comedy ennana I forget or rather puzzled when should I be brushing my teeth, sometimes I brush thrice a day, I come home early morning see my roomies brushing and I do it, I goto bed and wake up in the evening, brush again and then as well brush in the morning before we goto office in the morning , I brush again in the night before going to office. But sometime I never brush at all. There have been instances where I brush thrice a day and also 2 days without brushing, I simply don’t get the knack of it . Let me stop here Sunday night shift ends and I am leaving for the day.

      No Not me... - Saturday, November 03, 2007 -

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