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  You wake up at Seatac, SFO, LAX. You wake up at O'Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth, BWI. Pacific, mountain, central. Lose an hour, gain an hour. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. You wake up at Air Harbor International. If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person? We're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.  


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    • Orange Juice

      She was leaning over the car when he first saw her and he was attracted to her the moment he saw her. She was having her orange juice. He sat down in the bench opposite to, where her car was parked and he started enjoying the way she had her juice. Zip went the juice into her throat and he felt he was letting his control go out of his hands as fast as the juice was going into her mouth and by the time the juice was over, he was completely insane over her and she throwed the juice pack.

      He was playing like a kid with the juice pack and like a beggar he was begging for last sip in the pack so that he could taste the juice that she tasted. That was the elixir of his life at that moment. The girl was waiting for someone the boy thought and he prayed to God that no boy should come. The level of possessiveness has already started flying high in his thoughts and even her friend having her arms around her made gas come out of his ears.

      She was waiting for an hour, the guy also thanked for the one who was turning up so that he could still watch her and he started liking whatever she did. Be her walk, smile, the way she holds the phone, her style of attending the phone call and the guy was getting masters in her activities.

      Suddenly her eyes caught hold of him watching her and they two saw each other eye to eye and the boy was clean bold, the sight of her watching him, made him a superman. His foot was on his head and there was his immaculate smile at her. He felt like he could die at that moment and said to his himself this is my best moment.

      She cared a damn about him and turned around and was humming her favorite song. Her face was half covered with her long hair and she skimmed over hair to take those falling hair on her face. It was falling again and again and every time the boy fell for her.

      At that instant a boy in his bullet came with a bunch of white roses and in the middle of those were three roses and gave it her and gave a gentle kiss on her hand and the boy felt like a thorn inside the rose was under his ass. There ends his love.

      He went up and got into the next bus, after getting the ticket, he glanced back, she was sitting at the bike and they both passed him and the girl at that moment gave a look into the bus and a single drop of juice that went inside him was coming out of his eyes.

      Orange Juice - Friday, September 30, 2005 -


      It always fun to watch a film on the first day of its release and that too if you are accompanied by stars like ajith, shalini, asin, simbu, harris jeyaraj and madan.. its great fun to watch and along with these if the film is good, wow that’s a great feeling. I never guilty that I have spent 100 rs on the film. I had a feeling that I have spent money on a good one.
      To start it’s a technically good film. It was on the lines of Khakha Khakha, the film won’t leave a great impact on your inner feelings, but you feel great after watching it. Tamil film industry is getting better day by day and with every film be it the screenplay or the special effects, it surely stands better when compared with the other south Indian film languages.
      Asin, a treat to watch, beautiful, slim and the actress had performed the role given to her with grace. Nayan thara however was a bit irritating to watch and the song sequence for her clearly shows that the director has included that one just for her and it reduces the pace of the film and in that manner all songs on Ghajini is definitely a negative point, thought they are good they reduce the pace of the film except the song Oru malai ellai..
      Surya, one can see the maturity of the actor in this film, definitely another landmark for him after khakha khakha and he has come back well after Mayavi. The screen play is very well handled through out the film and the director has shown greater care towards it. Though you a get a feeling that the film is too long in the midst, you will forget that after the film gets over. There are certain flaws in the film but you tend to forgive them.
      The peppy love sequences between asin and surya is the plus point of the film and it keeps the momentum on. The action sequences are well choreographed. Its all about a successful businessman (surya) falling in love with a girl who gets murdered by a bunch of gangsters and the hero getting revenge over them. The film ends there. Ghajini in Tamil means a warrior who never fails and so is the team behind it.
      Ghajini - -

      The journey

      This incident happened during the golden period of my college days. My friend and I were traveling to his home via the government bus and it was a holiday season and buses were jam packed. But somehow we managed ourselves to get a single seat at the rear side of the bus and thought we could exchange seats and travel. The bus was yet to start and the conductor was struggling to sell tickets and was finding it hard to get in between people to sell tickets though he enjoyed gracing in between females. The smell of everyone sweat was irritating to all and in the midst of all this someone farted and the whole bus smelled like a government toilet.

      My friend and I was finding it tough and praying for the bus to start so that some fresh air may come into the bus. At this point a female around 30 years of age was getting into the bus and that too with a one year old child. She looked really tired and was finding hard time to get into the bus. My graceful friend said we will give a seat to the lady and the child, but since I was literally tired I said no. but the sight of the mother struggling with the child made me said “ ok we will help the child “ so we called her and said” we will have the child till you find a seat for yourself “

      So she handed over the child and blessed us for our helpful nature. After a while the bus started its journey and we were having a good time with the kid, he was really cute and we were enjoying our journey with the kid and we in between interchanged seats and the mother after an hour found a seat near the driver, since we were having a good fun with the kid, I said lets return the kid to the child once the mother gets down the child or till we get down from the bus. I asked her where she will get down, she said the place and I was happy to hear that she is also getting down at the place where we are supposed to get down and I said her we will have the child till then, she said fine.

      And finally the destination came ( and that was our final destination ), we all came out of the bus and we were about to give the child back to her mother and I waiting near the bus for the mother to come and to our surprise the lady never turned up. It was quite surprising for us, my friend said may be she would have gone for toilet and but still the thought of the mother going to the toilet without informing us, and too with her child with us was quite puzzling . But then we waited for some ten minutes and she never turned up. The sight of the child at that point laughing at us was like Yemen laughing at us. I searched for the mother in the entire bus stand. I came back and told my friend that I couldn’t find her. He gave the kid to me and said I will go and search in the other direction and he went. The kid was having its best moment and was laughing innocently not knowing where her mother his and didn’t care enough to know where she is?

      My friend too came back in vain. Then we contacted the bus stand office and narrated the whole story and everyone was surprised to hear what we were telling and it created quite an stir and suddenly the entire office was filled with people. Few started telling that we were bluffing and we were having a tough time to explain things to people.
      At that point I noticed the lady was getting into another bus through the window, shouting from my stomach I started running towards her and everyone followed me back and once I reached her, I started shouting at her “what a mother you are, leaving your child and blah blah…. “ she gave an innocent look and asked me who are you, at that instant I felt like Yemen was sitting right on my head and everyone around us gave a look that scared me to death, by this time my friend was already in a pool of water, crying after his birth.

      The issue got very serious and there was no way we could get to a point. We showed our college identity card to the people and we informed our friends in our college and our warden and few of our friends were already on their way to reach the place we were in. Then an auto driver suggested we will take over this to the local police and there is no point we fighting over the issue. Since I thought there was 100% justice in my side why not take the problem to the police station.

      We went to the police station and I explained the full story to the inspector. The inspector enquired us fully asking us the college and the family details and even made a call to our parents, frightening them also. The whole episode was like something which was happening in a film. All this took some three hours with so many cases coming in between and the thought I was sitting inside a police station made me feel more frightened and I was searching for words to get out of my mouth. My friends and my hostel warden came and to a little extent the inspector started believing us and the lady was crying like hell saying she didn’t know us and this made the inspector not to believe in us also.

      The inspector told the only truth can be known from the child and he took the child, all this time till now, the only thing the child was doing to laugh, laugh and laugh. The inspector placed the child at a distance and said to whomsoever the child goes, there lies the destiny. If the child goes to the mother, then I will close the case in favor of you else the case will be closed against us and we will be punished for troubling a lady. The child was placed at a distance and the child crawled slowly to us. Damn shit I thought why the hell I offered to take the child with us. Since the child was with us for the past 6 hours or so, it was attracted to us and it came towards us. The inspector with the stick in his hand gave us a strange look and asked us guys what is happening? My warden was also totally baffled by this situation and pleaded the inspector this is not the way you can handle this case. The inspector then took the child and went to the lady and asked the child “do you who is this” the only thing the child knew is to laugh and it did that with grace. Again the inspector placed the child at a distance and this time thank god the child went to the lady. Now everyone was puzzled as to know what was happening around us. The inspector got totally confused and he came toward me and said “I thought I shouldn’t kick you guys, but unless I do that I think I won’t be getting the answer”. I really don’t know what to say and saw my warden and he was busy calling to some sources he knows to save us. My friend I couldn’t see him at all, he was immersed in a sea of tears. The inspector with the stick in his hand gave a hard knock I on my head and I woke up with sweat all over my bed and my mother bringing coffee and saying me good morning.
      The journey - Thursday, September 29, 2005 -

      Seven Things

      Seven things I plan to do before I die:

      1.Start my own business
      2. Build a big bungalow
      3. Adopt a child
      4. Get out of this software job
      5. Lead a happy life
      6. Either direct a full length film or at least an advertisement
      7. World Tour

      Seven things I can do: (but don't)

      1. Drink and Smoke
      2. Play
      3. Think
      4. Write
      5. Read
      6. Do anything fruitfully
      7. Learn Music

      Seven things I cannot do:

      1. Kiss Aishwarya Rai
      2. Hurt Others
      3. Become Arnold Schwarzenegger

      4. Give a thesis on Theory of Relativity

      5. Code
      6. I cant
      7. May be something from I can do also be put in.

      Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex:

      1. Hair Style

      2. Outspoken

      3. Talkativeness
      4. Ability to win over arguments
      5. being bold and frank
      6. Completely cool
      7. All the above

      Seven characteristics I cannot stand/dislike :

      This thing I pondered over a considerable amount of time only to write this
      1. Nothing
      2. Nothing
      3. Nothing
      4. Nothing
      5. Nothing
      6. Nothing
      7. Nothing
      Yeah.. I have nothing to write which says I dislike ….

      Seven of my favourite one liners:

      1. Valkai oru Vattam .. .. from the film Thirumalai
      2. Ennaku ennoru Mugam Eruku.. ( From Padayappa )
      3. I will be back (From Terminator)
      4. enniki setha nalaiki pal
      5. Mama biscothuuuuuuuuu
      6. I Stay, you stay
      7. Kann imaiykum nodiyil ethum nadakum…

      Seven things I say most: (as of the moment)

      1. Free ya vidu

      2. Sutham
      3. dai…

      4. Ok………………

      5. Mmmm…

      6. Apparam..
      7. Vennai…

      Seven Celebrity Crushes :

      1. Simran
      2. Shreya ( Off late )
      3. Nandita Das
      4. Ushe TV Comparer
      5. Anna Kournikova

      6. Amisha Patel

      7. Katrina Kaif

      Seven Things - Tuesday, September 27, 2005 -


      The weekends off late is becoming a very tough time to pass these days.. I should henceforth reduce the habit of watching weekday night shows.. coz it makes no movies to watch in weekends and everyone is left with nothing much to do. Any weekend, first 3 of us join and start thinking what can be done.. as time progresses, with many calls exchanging between locations 3 becomes 5 and then 10.. with all people thinking what can de done.. this process itself takes around some 4 hours.. well time to go to bed.. thanks for the nice time pass guys… well to be surrounded by guys and thinking what to do .. is itself becoming an art by itself and a nice time pass and anyone who turns with a nice idea turns out to be a star that day…
      But what else can be the joy other than getting surrounded by a bunch of guys and pulling each others leg….
      Below is a snippet from my friend’s mails when I was going through a tough time…

      There can be no powerful source of energy than your circle of friends da. And at the same time there can be nothing which can be so undemanding as your friends. I am sure you must be going through a lot of pain and agony, but do not let it get the better of you. Use your friends circle to divert your attention and help you out of this. I am confident that you know how to solve this porblem and help yourself.
      dont forget that you and I are very fortunate to have a friends circle like we have right now. I shall mail you later da.

      and this mail from him, I should say did bring a change in the perspective I had, don’t think I am getting too sentimental..
      And people don’t think I am writing this because I need more hits on my page.. that is not the case.. I just wanted to share a incident which happened to me.. So cherish every moment you live and enjoy your company.. I leave with this note and will be back
      Friends - Monday, September 26, 2005 -


      Guys grab this week edition of OUTLOOK ( 26, September issue) . It costs around 15 bucks.. the book is all about Forbidden sex.. by seeing the book one could think whether journals should come with an “A” certificate. Such were the content and the pictures which were published in the book. I was really clueless as what was happening around me when I was reading the book. With censor boards really pestering every producers and directors to remove the lip kissing scenes, I don’t know what they will say when they start reading this..
      That was an excellent edition of outlook which I have never read, it covered everything from sex to stock markets, the latest Tarannum betting and what else you want. You will get some real surprises when you start reading the book, some real facts which even after reading the book you will doubt.. so guys grab that issue.
      OUTLOOK - Friday, September 23, 2005 -

      Sapidalam Vanga

      Have you heard this game? This is a unique game introduced by my friend and quite a interesting stuff to play, where in you eat in a shop and after you come out of the shop you totally forget what you ate in the shop and then get into the immediate restaurant next to it and then start eating again. Well the perquisite or the eligibility criteria for this game is that you should have a large appetite and of course a large stomach. This game has however many side effects. For instance, when this game was first launched in ooty 2 weeks back, out of the seven people who played this game, 4 ended up having dysentery including myself. SO people please beware before you start playing this game.
      Sapidalam Vanga - Wednesday, September 21, 2005 -


      When the most unexpected has happened and it has turned against you and you feel you are in the middle of nowhere and all your hopes shattered and your confidence level going down everyday and people around you are searching words to console you and none could turn you back into yourself again, what you do? Well I am searching for an answer to this?
      Help - Tuesday, September 20, 2005 -

      Happy Birthday

      One close of my friend was celebrating his birthday yesterday night. I called him around 11:55 to wish him. He was talking to me very fast precoccupied with some work, so puzzled I asked him “ hey what are you doing there”, zoom came the reply “ dude this day is going to be over in 5 minutes so I am busy finishing the beer of mine”.

      I asked what’s the hurry, enjoy your beer throughout the night.. Lightning speed came the reply from the other end of the phone, from this birthday I have taken an oath not to drink anymore and so I have decided to finish this beer before midnight,. Nothing much to say I kept the phone after wishin him “happy birthday “.
      I dont know whether to call this crazy or not, but it happened yesterday
      Happy Birthday - Thursday, September 15, 2005 -


      What has life taught me for the past 22 years?
      Never work; instead show off to people that you work a lot – corporate thought me this
      Drive without a license and that day alone you will be caught.
      No matter what, you will always be caught by the police near the Central station.
      The whether control news is always false.
      You will never win in a lottery
      Girls always fall in love with the most crooked criminals
      The much expected movie will always fail to impress you.
      If you go to the beach, it will rain.
      The harder you study, the probability to flunk increases.
      Always your room mate scores more than you.
      Take a free left turn; there will be a traffic police there waiting for you.
      The code you write will always have bug. And if you try to debug, you will release more bugs.

      The pop-up window never pop ups.
      The wheel will get puncture near the filing station.( well that’s good enough)
      There will always be a break down if you go for long trip via car.
      Your phone bill always has probems.
      How much ever you earn you will also have debts to finish.
      The stock you pick always ends in red.
      You will never win.
      Life - -

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